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Your log home is an investment you want to have looking perfect and that is where Nortek Copperworks comes into play. Not only does it give your home the perfect touch it also helps to protect your investment. The post caps we offer will help them against rot from moisture that enters the top of the post. Our jack wraps are designed to protect the base of your posts giving your entire railing the protection it needs to stay the way it was meant to be. We also have roof vents and copper kick plates to finish the look of your home in away nothing else can.

Whether you have round, square or rectangular posts the Nortek caps we have in stock will protect the top of the posts from the elements. Not only is it a beautiful way to finish up your railing it is also a very cost effective method.

We offer 3 styles for round post protection which include the Sedona, Cobre as well as the Tiara. If your posts are square or rectangular we have you covered as well with either the Denali rectangular or the Danli square. To top it off with a look you cannot match and the full protection take a look at our railing wrap or the jack-wrap to hide those awful looking screw-jacks at the bottom of your posts.

All of the Nortek copper products can be purchased in a natural copper color that will over time develop a patina that gives it an awesome antique look which fits perfectly with the look of your logs and the rest of your home decor.

Another great option that we offer is the Nortek Levellers. These great items are perfect for newly built homes as they help keep your log home structurally sound as the logs settle over time. They are specifically designed to allow for adjustments as needed keeping everything perfectly level during the settling of the home.

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